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23rd July 2020.




  1. Gentlemen of the press, it is with a heavy heart that we express our condolence to Nigerian youths, a member state of EYC.
  2. Following the briefing the council received on the demise of Tolulope Arotile from Nigerian representatives, the council was thrown aback considering the great loss her death cost West Africa and Africa in general. As a council, representing West Africa(ECOWAS) youths, it is alarming to note the ugly development leading to her death.
  3. Consequently, we have reviewed the report of the Nigerian Air force and its position on handling the case over to the Nigerian police force for further investigations. As it noted that the case was purely a civil case.
  4. The Council demands that the Air force in honor of late Tolulope Arotile must ensure she gets justice.
  5. Furthermore, we wish to inform the Nigerian Police that the Council will monitor the investigation through its representatives in Nigeria and will continue to engage the Nigerian Government on the issue.
  6. It is no gainsaying that the vacuum created by the death of late Tolulope Arotile is enormous both within her Nuclear family and the Air force. We hence, appeal to the Nigerian government and the Air force to look towards assisting the family she left behind. While charging the Air force to take solace in the excellent achievements of late, Tolulope Arotile.
  7. There is no doubt, she was one of the best. Her exploits had echoed far beyond the borders of Nigeria. And she has become a resounding hope for all-girl children in Africa and in the global space.
  8. The Executive Chairman of the council, His excellency, Ambassador Ologun William Seun Emmanuel, sends his condolences to Nigerians, the Air force, and the family of the deceased. In his exact words, he prayed that “God grant the deceased eternal life and her family, the Nigerian state, the fortitude to bear the great loss”.
  9. Following the council’s heartfelt condolence, it has begun the process of assisting the family of the deceased and prays other notable Nigerians to take such worthy steps.
  10. It is our belief, that, the country would immortalize her being the first female combat helicopter pilot. This we believe is one way to make her rest in peace. She died while serving and giving her best to her country.
  11. In all, EYC under the distinguished leadership of Ambr. Oluwaseun Ologun William, will continue to uphold justice fairness and equity across Africa and other continents of the world where Africans reside. Nigeria, being a member state is not exempted. We promise African youths not to back down until we get to the root of the matter.
  12. In conclusion, rest on great combatant!!! May your journey to the great beyond being fruitful, until we meet to path no more. Africa will miss you. Nigerians mourn you and the world celebrates your exploits!!!
  13. Thank you and God bless.

Ambr. Ojo Bright I ENIAFE
Director Of Public Affairs, EYC.

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