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WAYC Declaration

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WAYC Declaration

1. We, the milestone of change and young professionals of West African states met in Abuja, Nigeria from November 11-14, 2014 and decided today on a new court of development actions to aid and foster timely and speedy set agendas in ECOWAS region for sustainable integrated purposes.

2. As being far-sighted youths, we historically adopted a far-reaching and regional centered set of trans formative target in proximity to the actual realization of stipulated vision that will best give expected outcomes of regional prosperity.

3. We are resolve in working to achieving the ECOWAS vision 2020, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and African Union 2063 for the progressive and frantic outcome in order to improve global standards of human development.

4. We are strong-minded between the years 2020, 2030 and 2063, to share prosperity and opportunities in job availability for majority, end poverty and hunger, having a just and inclusive society for all.

5. To embark on this journey, we have given our support and oath to protect the integrity of the West-Africa Youth Council with the inclusive participation of all youth in the region.

In faith were-of, we the young professionals and citizens of West African have signed this resolution to establish the WEst-Africa Youth Council.

Done at Abuja, Nigeria this 11TH day of November 2014 single original both texts being equally authentic.