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About the ECOWAS Youth Council

EYC was formed in 2014 to serve as the commanding height of all youth movements in West-Africa. With decades of its existence, the organization has made a lot of monumental gains and achievements since its formation.

As a regional youth organization, EYC set for itself such objectives as the integration of youth and student movements for the overall socio-economic development of the continent and pan-Africanism, defending students’ and youths rights, improvement of equity, democratization and equal access to education at all levels, and the fostering of academic freedom, freedom of research, autonomy of higher institutions of learning, the promotion of democratic culture amongst its various peoples,raise awareness of young people with regard to west africa issues, encourage active ecowas citizenship and motivate students to get engaged in Africa politics,promote international understanding, create a framework for intercultural dialogue and support the diversity of ideas and practices,Contribute to the development of the own personality of ecowas youth,to work hand in hand with ecowas commission.